Saturday 13 July 2019

It’s been a fantastic couple of days for the start of the Armagh branch of the Absolute Taekwondo Association. 

I am please to announce that Master John McNally 6th degree and founder of the ATKDA and the founder of the ITC has granted me the following positions

Executive assistant to ATKDA founder 
Chairman to ATKDA Founder
ATKDA Ireland representative.

Founding executive assistant to the ITC Founder
Electronic communication & Website officer

ITC Ireland representative

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  1. My Pleasure To offer the positions to you Mr Sweeney.
    You have always been a fantastic student, showing great use of Tenets and a most loyal and true friend, student and family.

    Your help has always been also valued and therefore the recognition you mention is an honour to give.

    I look forward to seeing your school grow under your instruction and with the fantastic members as they become family of tkd and the ATKDA.

    I know you will carry on the true values of mine and the ATKDA thus teaching the real art of TKD for the real reasons.

    Best wishes my friend and see you all soon.


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