Saturday 19 October 2019

The Edict or 'Ye' of Tae Kwon-Do

As a student/parcticioner it is important to understand the edict involved in our martial art.  It is utilised throughout our class in different ways.  

First, when you enter or leave the dojo you bow towards the room to show your respect for the room in which you will learn from higher grades and where you will help and teach lower grades.

Second, when you line up for class you line up in grade order with the highest grades to the front right of the rows of the class and white belts at the back.  This is not to say that White belts are pushed to the back until they learn enough but rather so that they have more people in front in grade order the oldest student is farthest to the right and the youngest is to the left.  Rows and columns are straight at all times from the front right focal point.

Third Sitting relaxed with the soles of your feet together and your hands resting on your knees or thighs rather than having your feet pointing straight out towards the instructor.  With your feet and hands in this position, you are showing that you are relaxed but attentive to the instruction of your instructor.

Fourth when the class starts the most senior (front-right position) member of the class will call the class to attention signaling to the instructor that the class is ready.  Once the class is in a relaxed parallel stance the senior student will tell the class to bow to the most senior person in the room.  Normally the most senior instructor in the room will be the only instructor not in formation.  If a senior black belt is observing a junior black belt instructor style then you would bow to the most senior black belt then the instructor.

Fifth every once in a while someone will be late for class. If this happens to you then you should make sure that you are presentable before you enter the hall. Once you enter the hall you bow to the hall then utilising a brisk jog to the front of the class you stand in the ready stance and wait for the instructor to turn to you.  You bow and ask permission to join the class you only join the class once permission is granted.

Sixth if you are late and the class has already lined up but the class has not started you do not step into your grade position but rather you line up at the back of the class so signify that you understand that you honor the rest of the class who arrived before you.

Seven if you have not got your full Dobok you are considered a white belt for that class.

Eight shaking hands with your instructor this is something you should do at either the start but definitely the end of a class there is a proper way of shaking hands you extend your right hand and place your left hand below your right elbow this traditionally showed to the person that you were bowing to that you hold no weapons.  This is also how you shake hands with the instructor when you receive your new belt after grading.

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